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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Little Lip Service For a Great Cause & a Give-Away

I was honoured to have been invited to the launch of Pep Talk - a lipstick collaboration between MYNC and Canadian Fashion Designer Hayley Elsaesser in support of Dress for Success Toronto. Dress For Success Toronto is part of the non-profit organization that provides interview suits, confidence boosts, and career development to deserving women in over 139 cities worldwide. 
To me lipstick has always held a transformative power. In the early days of recovering post accident and pre-new elbow, my right hand could not touch my face (it would be almost 2 years before I would receive my new elbow). Applying make-up on myself became ancient history - but lipstick, a friend pointed out I could apply with my left hand. And lipstick became my friend. I recall feeling a sense of accomplishment whenever I applied lipstick and the emotional lift I got when I saw my reflection in the mirror. Truly amazing how a little tube of colour for your lips can have so much power. And now it can help the lives of many women in need.

Canadian Fashion Designer Hayley Elsaesser and MYNC Beauty team up to bring you a limited edition lipstick in “Pep Talk” for Toronto Fashion Week, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Dress for Success Toronto. Lipstick available to purchase in store and online.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Will Soon Be Here: Time for New Beginnings, Growth, Renewal

March I'm so happy you have arrived!

This winter has been an exceptionally difficult and cold one, forcing us to stay inside - and I for one was happy to bid adeus to February. The birds are already singing and soon tulips will start sprouting through the earth in a symphony of colours. With light beginning to arrive earlier and lingering longer and longer each day, the temperature warming up - the affects are reflected in our happier moods. And though we can start fresh any time of the year; all over the world spring is particularly symbolic with new beginnings, growth and renewal

Are you wanting to take better care of yourself? Renovate a room in your home? Upgrade your wardrobe? Start eating healthier? Become more active? Go on a vacation? Live the Life of your dreams? not sure where or how to get started or you've tried - you have made "new year" resolutions, perhaps even set intentions but as you became busy with everyday life these hopes for the life you want have faded to the bottom of the LONG TO DO LIST, almost forgotten. Well don't worry, I have been right there where you are and I'm going to share with you what has helped me to keep my vision and dreams for the life I want to create and live upfront reminding me of what I want.
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